"Dear Tom, You do such an excellent job.  We certainly benefited from the on-hold messages by informing patients and prescribers about all the things we can do for them.  We also did extremely well with the TV advertisement set up.  The scripts and directions for the camera crew made for a very effective commercial.  I look forward to continuing to work with you.  Thank you.  Best regards, Matt"

~ Matt Buderer, R.Ph., Buderer Drug Co

"Thank you Tom!  We love working with you for our on hold messaging over the years!"

~ Rebecca Reed, R.Ph., Reed Family Pharmacy

"Tom, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how happy I am about the message on hold.  We have sold about $200 in Wellness Works products this week as a DIRECT RESULT of Rx Message On Hold.  I'm so glad I did it.  Thanks again."
~ David Rochefort, R.Ph., Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy
"I think that this (service) is wonderful. The main thing that we get from people is that they love getting the information from the messages and it just helps them make a better informed decision. And, secondly, a lot of people just say that the voice sounds so soothing - that it makes them feel so relaxed."
~ Lark Swofford, R.Ph., Dallas, TX
"I've been using Tom Talbert for nearly 20 years now. We started with our message on hold on the phone system and we expanded that into radio advertising, which has been tremendously successful. We have probably recorded over 20 different spots through the years and they have been extremely effective."
~ Gary McCrory, R.Ph., El Paso, TX
"For the past 20 plus years we have used Rx Message On Hold (formerly Tom Talbert Imaging) for a lot of different projects, including our message on hold and radio spots. We have tested some other companies, but have always found Tom's work to be superb and more than professional. Our customers like his soothing voice and how clearly he can communicate our message."
~ Matt Marks, Marketing Dir., Naperville, IL
"I say Tom is the best in his field and that is an understatement. Easy to work with and follows up promptly, quite a gentleman. He has done my telephone messages for at least 15 years and I always get good responses."
~ Sam Sheldon, R.Ph., Beverly Hills, CA
"One of the things we like most about our on hold service with Tom Talbert is seeing Tom in our seminar sessions over the years taking notes and learning as we learn to keep himself informed about the profession of compounding. It is refreshing to have someone who understands our business doing our messages on hold."
~ Jerrod Roberts, Doctor of Pharmacy, Oklahoma City, OK
"Thanks Tom!!  It has been great working with you over the years.  There is no one better!"
~ Chris Schulte, R.Ph., Pensacola, FL