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Grow your business with customized on‑hold messages

We record on‑hold messages that increase revenue for independent pharmacies.
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Sell more supplements

Increase revenue

Educate & engage patients

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Most on‑hold messages don't drive results for your pharmacy

Don't miss out on opportunities to educate patients and increase your revenue with Rx Message On Hold
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Transform your on‑hold message using Rx Message On Hold to:

Take advantage of the time your customers wait on‑hold to sell supplements, products, and services to increase your revenue.
Demonstrate your understanding of patient care with what sets your pharmacy apart.
Keep patients educated and engaged on health and wellness content that matters to them, while also promoting specials and upcoming events.

Growing your independent pharmacy is hard

With over 25 years of industry experience, we know how hard it is to grow your pharmacy. That's why we've helped over 1,000 community pharmacies transform their on‑hold messages to increase their revenue.
"Tom, you are the industry's 'first voice' -- the one most patients and doctors hear when they call a compounding pharmacy. It was an honor to hang with (such) a humble celebrity at IACP's Compounders On Capitol Hill. Thank you for sharing your gifts with so many."
~ Jim Smith, PCCA President
"We are so happy with our auto attendant recordings, message on‑hold, and radio spot from Rx Message On Hold. It all sounds so professional and really helps our pharmacy stand out. The marketing hold message is a great way to introduce new products and services to our patients while they wait. It has helped boost our sales for consultations and nutritional supplements. Tom and Lisa are great to work with, we are grateful for our partnership with them!"
~ Amber Swaney, Director of Sales and Marketing/Owner, Prescott Compounding Pharmacy
"Working with Rx Message On Hold (formerly Tom Talbert Imaging) is always a pleasure. The professional, prompt and friendly advice and support has helped strengthen our brand awareness, as well as increased sales on targeted wellness products. Even our staff raves, 'Brilliant!' Thank you, Tom, for your impeccable service."
~ Jeneen Schloz, Director of Public Affairs & Marketing, Peoples Pharmacy, Austin, TX


Signature Series on‑hold Message
• Anytime Changes
• Equipment Included
Interview-Style on‑hold message
• Pharmacist Interview
• Anytime Changes
• Equipment Included
Additional Services
• Radio Commercials
• Pro Audio for TV
• Phone Prompts
• Etc…

Getting on‑hold messages that increase sales is simple.
Here’s how it works:

1. Call us at 1 (800) 590-8852
We listen to your goals for growth, and what makes your pharmacy different. We have a unique results strategy to transform your messages and drive results to the pharmacy.
2. We record your custom on‑hold messages
We have a professional in-house recording studio, seasoned voice talent, writers, producers, and highly experienced audio engineers to help create and deliver the quality on‑hold messaging you deserve.
3. Your business grows
Sell more supplements, products, and services, increase event and seminar registration, and provide a personal connection with patients holding the line.
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Stop leaving revenue on the table.

We record on-hold messages that increase revenue for independent pharmacies.

Most on‑hold messages don’t drive results for the pharmacy. Rx Message On Hold helps transform your on‑hold message to increase revenue using our proven and unique strategy.
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