Top 6 Retail Pharmacy Merchandising Tips
December 12, 2022

Top 6 Retail Pharmacy Merchandising Tips

Do you want to increase your retail pharmacy sales? Creating optimal displays that showcase your items in an organized manner assists customers in finding the products they are looking for while boosting your sales. Here are some ideas to amp up your pharmacy sales:

1. Utilize Display Cases
Placing your items in display cases allows customers to easily and conveniently spot additional items that you’re selling.

2. Show Related Items Together to Increase Impulse Sales
Related products such as toothbrushes and toothpaste or shower gels and loofahs should be shelved in categories with ample space between different brands.

3. Establish an Effective Floor Plan
You’ll need a strategic floor plan to guide the rest of the design. Placing the best selling on-the-shelf items in the center or back of the store will not only help your customers pick up prescriptions but also encourage them to look at displays on their way out. Installing posters or banners at the end of an aisle is another excellent way to direct customers throughout the store and to the sections they’re looking for.

4. Place Fast-selling Items at the Customer’s Eye Level
Eye-level merchandising helps to capture your customers’ attention and encourage purchases by maximizing product visibility.

5. Use Strategic Lighting
Good lighting makes your store more inviting and draws your customers’ attention to sections you would like them to see.

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