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4 Ways To Position Your Pharmacy In Front Of Physicians

In order to attract patients from busy doctors, simply sending marketing materials that highlight your pharmacy’s products and services periodically isn’t enough. Building relationships with physicians and their teams is essential. Communicate Early And Regularly One way to engage with doctors is to introduce your pharmacy as soon as they open an office in your area. Send them a welcoming...
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Why It’s Important To Market your Pharmacy

Marketing is essential for pharmacies to promote their products and services and reach potential customers. There are many reasons to continue to market your pharmacy beyond your grand opening. Here are some benefits of marketing for pharmacies: Increase Brand Awareness Effective marketing campaigns can help pharmacies to increase brand awareness and make their name more recognizable in their local community....
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3 Easy Ways To Market Your Independent Pharmacy

Marketing your independent pharmacy is essential for its success. With so many players in the industry, it can be hard to stand out and bring new customers into your community pharmacy. Fortunately, even with the rise of online pharmacies, more than 85 percent of adults still prefer visiting their local pharmacy for their prescriptions over a mail-order service. So, how...
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Marketing Your Pharmacy to Physicians

Doctors are often bombarded by salespeople representing pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. To ensure busy doctors send patients to your pharmacy, you have to set yourself apart from the competition and market wisely. Establishing a coordinated strategy that includes maintaining relationships with patients and doctors and presenting your pharmacy as a valuable partner in the doctor’s medical practice is necessary....
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Top 6 Retail Pharmacy Merchandising Tips

Do you want to increase your retail pharmacy sales? Creating optimal displays that showcase your items in an organized manner assists customers in finding the products they are looking for while boosting your sales. Here are some ideas to amp up your pharmacy sales: 1. Utilize Display Cases Placing your items in display cases allows customers to easily and conveniently...
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Grow Your Pharmacy In Four Steps

If you have a pharmacy, you may aspire to add extra sales to your revenue. While filling prescriptions may be the leading revenue source for your business, an easy way to stimulate sales is to leverage non-prescription sales. Here are easy-to-implement strategies that can help grow your pharmacy business. 1. Do In-Depth Market Research As much as you love a...
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4 Steps to Marketing Your Pharmacy

With countless big chains and other independent pharmacies on the market, setting your business apart from the competition is an absolute must. You need to develop a coordinated marketing strategy that lets you retain current customers and attract new ones. And no, you don’t need to spend much money to get your name out there. As you know, pharmacy marketing...